How much are your puppies?

My puppies are $4000 for 1st pick and $3000 for any pick after 1st including last pick.

What is the deposit requirement?

$1000 for 1st pick and $500 for 2nd and on.

Do you dock tails and declaws?

I don’t dock tails and declaws are removed if necessary.

Are you open to the public for visits?

Visits are not allowed unless you have a deposit and puppies must have their 1st set of shots before any visitations.

What is the process to reserve a puppy?

Contact Vom Bustos Hause and they will give you an update on upcoming litters, time frame and availability.

How to I place a deposit?

You can paypal me at, Venmo at frank-bustos.

What health guaranteed comes with the puppies?

24 months on hips, elbows, heart, testicles on males, eyes, JLPP and SAS.

Do they come with shots and dewormed?

Yes, they go home with 3 sets of shots and they are dewormed a 2,4,6 and 8 weeks.

Do you provide a health certificate?


Do we get to pick or do you pick them out?

You the client gets to pick your puppy.

Do you also guarantee from Parvo, Giardia or Coccidia?

Yes! Puppy will have a 30 day guaranteed on all three!

Are your puppies smart and well socialized?

Absolutely YES YES YES! We start interacting with them and socializing them at 2 week!

Are they good with other animals?

Yes, they are great as long as you teach them and introduce them at a young age.

What if i'm out of state and can't pick the puppy up in person?

I will ship the puppy with United Airlines or Delta.

How much is shipping?

Within the USA $400. Outside USA fees varies.

Can we contact you once we take the puppy home if we have questions or issues?

Yes, in fact many clients do and I want you to. I establish a relationship with all my clients.

Do the puppies come with AKC papers?

YES! they come with full AKC papers and we handle all paperwork and fees for you.

Do you provide a contract?

Yes, a 3 page contract must be sign by us and clients before puppy goes home.

At what age do the puppies go home?

Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks.

Do you have any puppies available?

Not at the moment. My puppies sell before they are born. You can however contact us to inquire about our future breedings and reserve your puppy.